Here's what your Smartphone can't Replace- A Fax Machine!

Our smartphones are smart enough, that they have replaced many things with just them. But there’s one thing they can’t replace-the fax service. Have you ever tried doing this and felt so? Well, not many of us use fax services every day to notice this. Technology has come up to an extent that you can plug your phone, smart phone to a printer and get the print of your required document. With regard to faxing, technology is on the research process. You can’t use it as a dial-up or modem to connect and send fax.

Yes, though with the help of technology most of the things are made possible in a much easier way. Yet, not many companies accept the email statements and require a hard copy of important documents. In such scenarios you might need to fax them. What if you are away from the machine and have the document as a soft copy in your smartphone? Well, no need to worry or panic. You have a solution. There are apps available to provide the service, mostly third party apps. And, they aren’t for free, just like your many other apps. But they don’t charge a bomb. Few sites give you a limit of pages that you can send it for free. The rest charge you, the reason are that, you are using their server’s space for doing this data sending and receiving. They need to maintain your phone numbers, and get connected with the telephone lines for you. When compared to other options like connecting to a store outside or via your own fax machine, which is even more tedious and costly, this method is really easy and low on cost.

Well, fax documents usually involves personal information to be sent, be it to any office as resume or hospital documents or any personal information to a friend or relative. Your information going to a third-party hands are little under risk. So you can’t trust all the apps on the list. You got to be careful, with whom are you sharing your personal data, more confidential ones. Well, in that regard, we have got some recommendations for you. These are the most trusted apps, as given by the users and other reviewers. Please read further below and know the best one for you.

How to get the app?

This is simple, just type Fax app on your Play store or iTunes, you will get a list of apps. Download the one, based on their rating and our writing too; which you feel can be trusted.

For Frequent users:

You can use the Ring Central Fax. We know AT&T and cisco, both are great companies in terms of telecom services. Now, here they have come together, partially, to provide you a faxing app, to be trusted and provide you service, at the best. They provide a greater security to your data and support multi-users, by holding separate lines. It offers other features like integrating with Outlook, Google drive, Box and other products. You have an option to send fax via email too. What’s more, you get it at a cheaper price, as low as below $7, per month! Isn’t it a wiser option to choose, to send all those personal information or any business info, completely safe and cheap? Yes, it is!

For Occasional users: well, if you need to send hardly a fax a month or even few over a year, you certainly need not sign up for a whole month or a year. There are apps that are flexible for you. There is one app, ‘My Fax’ which even gives you up to 10 pages, per month for Free! You can definitely try them. If you need to send more, then you have their regular plans, which can be taken upon clarifying with them about the rates and other details available. They are reputed and you needn’t worry about safety of your documents. Fax over e-mail is the best option if you have a Windows phone. Most service providers let you do that without much charge. They come under your data charges, if you are on cellular data. If you are on Wi-Fi, then no need to worry. It’s always easy, as you don’t need any extra app and other things.