What We Offer

As a telecom service provider company we offer many products to our esteemed customers. We understand that as a business, you need to stay globally connected and put your business on the light. Hence we have many plans that suit your business and personal needs equally. When it comes to security, we never Compromise. Safe and secure networking is our aim, and we are giving it from years with your patronage and dedicated service from our team of experts, professionals.
The products that we offer are:

Mobile network plans

This is the basic plan of any smartphone or phone today, to stay connected globally. We have different plans available; choose the best that suits you.  

Mobile Internet plans

Mobile is a powerful tool which has replaced many things, and you can do anything with it. From browsing on the net for a info or stay connected with your friend on a dessert, almost anything under the sun. Internet has changed the fate of mobiles and every user has different needs of the net. We absolutely understand that, and offer you various tariffs that match your business or personal needs. We assure you a smooth and speed internet. We offer 4G plans to all customers and are on the lookout for including 5G as it gets completely available. We provide excellent service on the data, becoming the regions first recommended Mobile Internet Provider.

Wireless Data services

If you need them for your office or your home, we are happy to setup. The wireless services is the most common mode of data service, without having to be connected to a landline with loads of wires all over the home. The speed that we offer is unmatchable to any other provider in the city.

Conferencing services:

We offer audio conferencing service, understanding your need to stay connected on any part of the earth. Come and be a part of our service network and experience world class networking, at affordable prices and unbelievable speed.